The fitness industry is a dynamic, thriving space where personal trainers and coaches continuously look for ways to enhance their services, reach more clients, and stay at the forefront of health and wellness trends. However, amidst the passion for transforming lives through fitness, it’s easy to overlook crucial business strategies that can lead to financial growth. If you’re a personal trainer or aspiring to be one, setting your rates is not only about covering costs and making a living; it’s about recognizing the value you provide and being rewarded for the transformation you facilitate. This guide is tailored to empower you by sharing tips on setting new rates and unlocking the potential for increased earnings in your personal training business. 

Understand the Value of Your Offering 

Before you can set new rates, you need to understand what your current value proposition is. The services you provide as a personal trainer impact your clients’ lives in meaningful ways, from achieving weight loss and fitness goals to ensuring long-term health and well-being. What sets you apart from the average trainer is the unique approach, expertise, and personalization you bring to each training session. Consider the following parameters to evaluate your value: 

  • Expertise and Certifications: Your knowledge should always be up to date with the latest scientific research and industry standards. Consider investing in continuing education to offer the most effective methodologies. 
  • Results and Testimonials: The success stories of past and current clients speak volumes about your effectiveness as a trainer. 
  • Personalization and Client Focus: Your ability to tune into the individual needs and goals of each client makes your service invaluable. 
  • Client Experience: The overall experience, from the workout itself to the service around the edges, should be top-notch to warrant premium pricing. 

Now that you understand what value you have or could have, you are ready to set your rates, here are four tips to do just that.  

1. Seek Upsell Opportunities and Additional Services 

Expanding your service offering allows you to cater to a broader client base and provide more value. Identify areas where you can upsell by offering services beyond a standard personal training session: 

  • Nutritional Coaching: Diet is a significant factor in fitness and health. Acquiring the knowledge or partnership with a nutritionist to provide dietary guidance is a powerful service to add. Many online fitness platforms offer integrations with MyFitnessPal to seamlessly integrate into the coaching you’re already doing. 
  • Specialty Classes or Workshops: Offer classes that cater to specific demographics, such as youth, seniors, or individuals with specific health concerns. 
  • Online Training and Community: Provide digital services through platforms like TrueCoach to extend your reach and create a stronger sense of community among your clients. 

By capitalizing on these upsell opportunities, you can cater to varied client needs and add significant value to your business. 

2. Enhance Yourself and Your Rates with Continuing Education 

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are vital in the fitness industry. They not only elevate your knowledge and real-world applications but also build your credibility and justify higher rates. Here’s how to approach CEUs strategically: 

  • Choose Relevance Over Volume: Select courses that are highly relevant to your niche and areas where you aspire to grow. 
  • Create a Plan: Establish a roadmap for your CEU acquisition, setting targets for every year. 
  • Market Your Expertise: Once you’ve gained new certifications, market them. This makes it clear to potential clients why your services are worth the premium. 

Investing in your education is investing in your business and is a clear justification for raising your rates. Checkout TrueCoach’s exclusive integration with NASM, National Academy of Sports Medicine for the ultimate personal trainer continuing education bundle (and savings up to 33%).  

3. Leverage TrueCoach to Enhance Your Offerings 

TrueCoach is not just training software; it’s a comprehensive platform that empowers trainers to deliver exceptional services. Here’s how you can maximize TrueCoach to grow your business and justify higher rates: 

  • Customized Programs: Tailor workout plans to each client’s needs and easily adjust as they progress. 
  • Progress Tracking: Use the built-in tools to monitor client progress, which allows for data-driven adjustments and client motivation. 
  • Client Engagement: Utilize the messaging and communication tools to keep clients engaged and motivated between sessions. 
  • Scaling Your Business: With TrueCoach, scaling your service offerings becomes more manageable. You can oversee more clients, offer more varied services, and thus increase your earning potential. 

TrueCoach equips you with the tools you need to provide the best service possible, which in turn justifies higher rates. 

4. Calculate Your New Rates 

The process of setting new rates can be a balance between what you believe you’re worth and what the market will bear. Begin by calculating your costs, including overhead, equipment, and professional development. Then, research the rates of trainers with similar experience, expertise, and market presence. Finally, factor in the upsell opportunities and additional services you’ll be providing. The resulting figure should reflect the true value of the comprehensive service you aim to deliver. 

With TrueCoach’s Personal Trainer Finance Calculator, calculating your currents income is easier than ever. Try it now for free:  

How to Implement and Communicate Your New Rates 

Once you’ve done your homework and settled on new rates, the next step is implementation and communication. The prospect of communicating rate changes with existing clients can be daunting. However, when approached with transparency, respect, and a clear rationale, clients are more likely to understand and be willing to adopt the new rates. Implementation and communication should include:  


  • Update Your Systems: Ensure your booking and payment systems reflect the new rates accurately. 
  • Inform Your Prospects: All new inquiries should be quoted based on the new rates. 
  • Marketing: Adjust your marketing materials, emphasizing what justifies the new rates and the enhanced value of your services. 
  • Train Your Team: If you have a team, ensure they’re trained on the new rates and can confidently communicate them to clients. 

Transitioning to new rates can be an invigorating step that not only increases your income but also solidifies your role as a leader in the fitness industry. 


  • Adequate Notice: Based on your business structure, provide clients with sufficient time to adjust to the new rates. 
  • Clear Rationale: Explain the reasons behind the rate change, such as additional services, enhanced expertise, or improved facilities. 
  • Client Benefits: Illustrate how the client will benefit from the new rates, such as improved results, better service, or more personalized programs. 

By focusing on client understanding and alignment with the benefits they’ll receive, the transition to new rates can be smooth and well-received. 

Measuring Success and Revisiting Your Strategy 

After implementing your new rates, it’s crucial to measure success. Monitor client retention, referral rates, and overall business growth to ensure that your new rates are sustainable. Be prepared to revisit your strategy periodically, adapting your rates to reflect any significant changes in the market, your services, or your expertise. 


Setting new rates as a personal trainer is not just about numbers; it reflects the value you offer and the investment you’re willing to make in your career. By understanding your worth, identifying upsell opportunities, leveraging advanced software, investing in education, and communicating effectively with clients, you can set rates that are fair, competitive, and reflective of the exceptional service you provide. Remember, increasing your rates isn’t just about making more money; it’s about building a business that thrives in its ability to transform lives through fitness.  

Incorporate the strategies outlined in this guide, and you’ll be well on your way to not only setting new rates but also realizing the true financial potential of your personal training business. For more insights and practical tools to help you grow, consider signing up for TrueCoach, where we’re dedicated to supporting you in every step of your business development. The path to financial success as a personal trainer is within your reach, and it starts by recognizing the incredible value you bring to the industry. Remember, you’re not just a personal trainer; you’re a catalyst for change, and your rates should reflect that. 

Article by TrueCoach

First published: March 15 2024

Last updated: March 15 2024