Workout Builder

The free-form Workout Builder allows you to write your workout programs quickly using a calendar, so at a glance, you can see workouts from last week or last month. When creating your workouts, as you type exercises in, the workout builder auto-links the correlating preloaded video demo to go with it.

Once you’re done with your first week’s plan, if your client’s workouts vary little week-to-week, you can copy a whole week and paste it into the next week. Then adjust as needed.

We have gone a step further to make creating workouts easier for you. Workout Builder also allows you to move individual days around like sticky notes. If you need to move a single day’s workout to another day in the week, you can simply drag and drop it where you want. The rest of the days will automatically shift over for you.

Lastly, with the free-form Workout Builder, you have total creative freedom. You are not restricted to any style of programming. From sets, reps, tempo, and rest times, you have complete control over how you want to write it and how you want to present it.

Here are a handful of examples you can do:

  • Sequential Sets (Finish all 3 sets of exercise A, then move to B, then C etc.)
  • Supersets (Do exercise A, then B)
  • Fixed Rounds
  • Intervals / Descending rep schemes, etc.
  • As Many Rounds As Possible / Every Minute on the Minute etc.

The goal of Workout Builder is speed. You create, and we do the manual work of linking demo videos, and auto-shuffling days when you move workouts around.

Once you have designed your client’s workout plan and assign it to them, they will receive their program by email or get a notification on the app. If they are unsure about an exercise, your clients can simply click/tap on the exercise video icon, and a video will fly out within TrueCoach.

With Workout Builder, Marcus Filly of Revival Strength saved an hour a day. Learn how he uses it for his day-to-day here.

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