Habit Tracking

Introducing Custom Habit Tracking, adding an entirely new dimension to the wellness journeys you create for your clients. This feature enables you to craft customized habits, designed to complement your clients' health and fitness plans, from drinking more water to daily meditation.

  • Personalized Wellness at Your Fingertips
    Imagine you can seamlessly add habits, like stretching before bed or setting a step goal, directly into your clients' TrueCoach calendars. You have the power to nudge, support and track these daily actions, giving your clients an even more tailored experience, and constantly keeping them coming back for more.
  • Elevated Engagement and Accountability
    The enhanced client-trainer relationship is at the core of this feature. By encouraging and monitoring your clients' daily habits, you'll promote a higher level of engagement and accountability, leading to more consistent and lasting results.
  • Grow Your Practice
    These personalized habit tracking options reflect the unique needs of your clients, allowing you to expand your services and charge more as you revolutionize the way wellness is approached.

Experience the power of custom habit tracking in TrueCoach and revolutionize the way you guide your clients towards health and happiness. Start integrating these new features today and watch your clients thrive with every personalized nudge.

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